Who We Are

Flora Taylor, Psy.D
Doctor of Psychology (Licensed), University of Pennsylvania
AB, Cum Laude, Harvard University

Patrick Jean-Pierre, PhD
Doctor of Psychology, Rutgers University
MA Industrial Organizational Psychology, Brooklyn College
MA Professional Development in Human Resource Management, University of Stony Brook
BA Psychology and Social Science, University of Stony Brook

Chris McLeod
MBA Marketing, Howard University
BA Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought, Amherst College

Cheryl Thompson, Psy.D
Post Doctoral Certification Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis, Adelphi University
Doctor Clinical Psychology, Adelphi University
MS Education School Psychology, City College
AB Social Sciences, St. John’s University

National Registry of Health Service Providers in Mental Health # 50606
Psychologist - New Jersey #1729
Psychologist - New York #6115
School Psychologist - New York - 1974 permanent certificate
Secondary Education - New York - 1966 permanent certificate

Kenyon Burke, Ed.D
Doctor of Education, Rutgers University
Master of Arts, Columbia University
Bachelor of Arts, Bowling Green State University

Perry Rainey, Ed.D
Doctor of Education, Walden University
MA Mathematics, Baruch College
BA Actuarial Science, Baruch College